We tend to be big on “talking” to others about what needs to be done; what THEY need to be doing in life. . . . and it’s great to offer positive advice & counsel to others – – when actually needed.  However, how  many of us are “walking” the walk?  How many of us are “talking” to others about what they need to do or change AND not doing so ourselves??

Life is not just about telling others what to do or how to do things; it’s about being in the trenches with others & doing it TOGETHER!!  And, if we’re going to tell others – we need to know a little bit about what we’re telling them so we need to be doing things ourselves.

And, how many times have we told others what to do in some areas when that’s the very thing WE need to be doing ourselves??

We really need to be careful how we’re offering tasks to others – and be sure we’re clear on the issues too.  I wonder many times if people are instructing others to do things in an effort to deflect from the fact that they are NOT doing this or that themselves?

I just want to see people be more cognizant of how quick we are to push others in a particular area and giving them so much advice when we are actually the ones who need that advice & direction!  We ALL need to look inward, at ourselves before venturing out to advise others.  Stewardship begins at home & so should advice & counsel.

I actually believe that that’s how counselors, therapists, etc. can find themselves falling short when they spend so much time counseling others.  It has to be tough many times when they focus so much on others; that they may very well miss things in their own lives & households.

Let’s all make better efforts to be more aware of our own lives & that we are preparing ourselves to be the best US we can be before giving out advice & counsel.  People actually know & feel when we may not be as honest & true – and when we may not be what we’re pretending to be.  So, let’s be careful – others may really need help & they need help from true, honest, caring & loving individuals who – themselves – are on a positive life track!!

Make sure you’re not just “TALKING” – but that you’re “WALKING” the walk too!!


You love to decorate spaces, to add colors & designs & decorative pieces to make a space come alive!  You have the tools & the talent & the desire to start a decorating business . . . . WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

You LOVE to cook & bake for your family & others.  You love purchasing the ingredients, preparing them for the dish, going through all the steps to cook & bake, then you get a huge thrill out of the finished product & having others enjoy.  You’ve often considered a catering business, you have the skills & the desire  . . . . WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

You are GREAT with your hands in fixing things, returning broken or damaged items to working order. Many times, you’ve thought about a handy-person business so you can help others by fixing things up for them . . . . WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

We ALL have gifts, talents, desires to do this or that in life.  God has placed those feelings within us for a reason – to encourage us to pursue the things he’s ordained for our life’s work.  Instead, however, we tend to just gravitate to a job – just for the purpose of making money & taking care of things.  But, what about doing work – also to take care of our households – but work that fulfills the needs & desires of our hearts??  Wouldn’t that make much better sense?  God doesn’t want us just “working” – he wants us to fulfill the tasks he’s placed on our hearts in an effort to take care of our households AND to build his kingdom.

I may write, you may draw, others may cook or sew, or teach, or counsel, etc., etc., etc.  All our gifts & talents are supposed to be working together in concert so that we all are doing what God created us to do.  

So, if you find yourself almost aching to be doing a particular thing in life; like it never leaves your mind.  You’re always thinking about it, seeing visions of yourself doing it, often speaking about it – – – that’s the thing God has for you to do!  The fact that it’s ALWAYS in view for you – that is God speaking to you to do THAT!!

You’re here for specific purposes . . . to fulfill God’s wishes for your life . . . . move forward towards those tasks . . . don’t be afraid because God has already equipped you for it . . . . WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??

You come home from work EVERY DAY and you are called names, you are berated for this or that, you’re pushed or shoved in anger . . . and each time, you make excuses for this behavior . . . . when is ENOUGH going to be ENOUGH?

You try and have a conversation with another person – they spend the entire conversation calling you out of your name, telling you you’ll NEVER amount to anything, restricting you from going or doing anything you choose to do . . . when is ENOUGH going to be ENOUGH?

You prepare a meal that you are SURE another person will enjoy; yet you spend all day in the kitchen, preparing each item to the specific liking of the other person; then they come in and start tossing everything on the floor, cussing you OUT because they HATE that meal, etc., etc. . . . . you cower on the floor – but yet again, make excuses for this behavior . . . . when is ENOUGH going to be ENOUGH?

Too many times people allow others to mistreat & misuse them . . . . making them feel less than the strong & valued human beings God created.  Too many times, others feel strong when they can belittle others – emotionally, mentally & physically.  Too many times, people are beaten within inches of their lives – – and TOO MANY TIMES – people are killed . . . at the hands of abusers. . . . . when is ENOUGH going to be ENOUGH?

There has to be something sorely missing in a person’s mind & psyche that allows them to accept such abuse; to allow others to harm them day in and day out; this is not normal by any stretch of the imagination. . . . it’s plain WRONG!!  

No one should be mistreated and abused – – PERIOD!  We are all precious beings with valuable assets to contribute to life.  We were created equally to enjoy life together in peace and harmony!  So, anyone who is in an abusive situation of ANY kind, needs the help & strength to GET OUT!  For those of us who may never have experienced such and who may be a bit stronger – – we need to step up, help those who need us, speak to our family members & friends to help them get help & get out!  We ARE our brothers’ keepers and God is entrusting those in need to our care.

Speak UP and Speak OUT against any form of abuse – – PLEASE!!  Seek help from our churches, hospitals, ANYONE really who can help guide you to the freedom & help you need.  ENOUGH is now ENOUGH!!


So many times in life, people spend a lot of time & energy trying to appease other PEOPLE!  With everything we say & do, we are concerned – sometimes FIRST – with what others will say or think about us.  Why is that??  Where did that desire & need come from?

Sadly, this behavior may have begun down through the years from generation to generation.  Many times we hear parents telling children to do this – or NOT to do this or that because, “what will people think?”  And, if we’re told that over & over – – it’s just like a muscle that’s used over & over – – – it will become a habit.  We will start to think that way at all times – with everything we do!

Now, let me back up – – I’m not saying at all that we should just do things & say things – ALL WILLY NILLY – and not consider others – -NO!  We live in the world – with other people – so we have to be considerate & caring about how our actions & words will affect & possibly harm others.  However, there is a line – – and we have to find that line – – where we should be honest about our thoughts, feelings & actions & be able to follow God’s lead for our lives MORE & other peoples’ lead – – LESS!

So, if we’ve gotten into a pattern of seeking approval from others FIRST and most of the time; STOP THAT!  Again, just like that muscle that has gotten accustomed to being moved a certain way all the time – – we have to retrain that muscle and our thinking.

We have to study God’s word & seek his direction for our lives – on a daily basis.  When we do that MORE – – seeking God’s answers for our actions & our voice – – then we’ll eventually start to develop that as a pattern.  We will then start to go straight to God FIRST – before we say or do anything & we’ll find him guiding us through EVERYTHING!

So, let’s stop worrying so much about what “he says” or “she says” and seek to know what THUS SAITH THE LORD!!

There are so many stories in the news right now concerning abuse – majority are abuse of women.  Many of these situations occurred many years ago and women are now courageous enough to come forward; many situations are still happening today.  THIS HAS TO STOP – – – NOW!!

I’m not sure why – but it’s CLEAR that STILL in this world – women are just not viewed as valuable.  It’s very unfortunate, but although there are many women in much more control of their lives, their careers, their families, their finances, etc. . . . . men are STILL leaps and bounds ahead of women in all areas.

And, this is after God created women to bear life – – – so ALL of the men who are perpetrating the abuse – were born & raised by women – – how does that happen?  And, just where did it all begin – that men learned that they could AND SHOULD control women at all costs???  What’s the goal; what’s the purpose; WHY???

So, my concern now is that women RISE UP & reclaim the places where God wants us to be.  Our bodies are OURS – we should definitely be in control of what happens with it.  Our minds are strong & our thoughts are valuable – we should be able to create and be in charge of offices & organizations & households.  

AND, we should CERTAINLY be able to co-exist in the world – with men – and feel safe & protected by them – as God intended – – – not HURT by them!!  How horrible it must be to be abused & misused by the very beings whom we count on to protect & lead us!!!  My heart bleeds for my sisters – – and brothers – – in this world who deal with that each day!!

THIS HAS TO STOP – – NOW!!  Men HAVE to cease abusing the women in their lives; whether families, coworkers, neighbors, friends.  Real men – whom God created to lead & guide & protect women & children would NEVER abuse them!  We were created to live in harmony with one another; raising families together, enjoying life TOGETHER – not hurting one another!!  

Women – – – I’m challenging you to not even allow abuse to START!  The very first time it happens – – – – REPORT IT IMMEDIATELY!!  And, if you happen to be in an abusive situation of ANY sort right now – – – PUT A STOP TO IT – – NOW!!  You are beautiful and valuable in the world – – – God loves you & needs you and there is GREAT purpose for your life!!  TAKE CONTROL – – NOW!!


Last year brought many experiences – – some good – some bad – – to us all!  We may have experienced new jobs, loss of jobs, loss of loved ones, marriages, new babies, etc.  So, as the Fall & Winter of 2017 came – I began contemplating what I’d like to have or see happen in 2018.  As for many of us, we may make plans, and start to reassess how our lives are going so that we can restructure things for the new year.  

I have been talking to God about a few directions for my life; asking him to please guide & direct me so that I make sure I’m moving in the path(s) HE wants me to – – and not what I may decide.  I ALWAYS want to be sure I’m talking with God and listening for his answers.  And, even when I have decided – on my own – that I want to do this or that – I strive to stop that and really focus on WAITING ON THE LORD!!

Lamentations 3:24 says, “The Lord is my portion; therefore, I will wait for him.”  God is my all and all – he’s been my rock & my shield in MANY areas of my life for the 55 yrs he’s kept me on this earth.  I have seen him CLEARLY in my life guiding me, protecting me when I should have been dead & gone!  I have heard him – AUDIBLY – several times when I have needed to REALLY hear from him – – he has orchestrated so many things & blessed me RICHLY!!

And, as I’ve gotten older & wiser & closer to him, I’ve learned that I really can’t move without him.  And, in times when I have attempted to – as we all do – – I’ve suffered the consequences!  God wants us to call on him, to lean & depend on him for EVERYTHING!  Sometimes we want to call on him for “these” things – but not for “those” things as if we only need him SOMETIMES!  Psalm 130:5 says, “I wait for the Lord, my whole being waits, and in his word I put my hope.”  That means I turn my WHOLE mind, body & spirit over to God & allow HIM to determine my comings & my goings!

I watched a very powerful live Facebook video tonight by the pastor of my home church – Rev. Daryl Kearney, pastor of Turner Memorial A.M.E. Church in MD (was located in downtown DC from my birth until they moved about 2000).  He brought a word to us all that God had laid on his spirit to share.  He said that 2018 is not necessarily going to be a popular year for many – as God says 2018 is the YEAR OF OBEDIENCE.  Meaning, we may not see ourselves getting things from God – – but if we are obedient, we will find ourselves coming into situations, directions, etc. of where God is calling our lives.  He’s going to be watching & waiting to see how obedient we are as his people.  We claim that we want God to lead us – but many times, we shy away from where he may be leading us.  This year – we HAVE to move into whatever he’s calling us to do – – it’s PARAMOUNT!!

God’s word calls us to watch & wait on him & to move as he directs.  WAIT ON THE LORD & BE OF GOOD COURAGE!!  WAIT I SAY ON THE LORD!!

Whenever we are going through situations or just living life normally every day; having God in the midst makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE in the world!  There is no better way than to have God IN THE BUILDING of your life!!

As humans, we always try to handle things ourselves, we take the credit many times for the events of our lives, we want to feel like we’re invincible and that we cn accomplish things all on our own.  But NOOOOOO; it was ALL GOD all the time!!

Whether your life seems to be moving along very smoothly or if you’re experiencing some rough patches, it’s still God who’s allowing things to move as they do.  We can do NOTHING – – NO-THING – – without God!

And, we really shouldn’t attempt to make any decisions, do anything, etc. without talking with God, asking for his guidance & direction.  We all try – but we find out very soon that things didn’t go quite right – – and it’s typically because we didn’t ask for guidance FIRST.

Our “building” could be our bodies if we’re ill; we need to stay in fervent prayer & meditation about our health.  Our “building” could be our job situations; we need to pray for guidance in our job roles, as we co-exist with our managers & coworkers.  Our “building” could be our relationships – either spousal, parental, or friendships; in order that they may be happy & whole & peaceful; we MUST talk with God about every aspect of any relationships.

Whatever the “building” – God HAS to be in it for us to win it!!  It’s a MUST!!  There’s no way around it, under it, or through it without God!!

God is the author & finisher of every aspect of our lives!  You can never be too HIGH, that he can’t reach you; you can never be so LOW that he can’t pick you up – – – as the saying goes – IT IS WHAT IT IS!  It’s God who keeps our “building” clean, strong, positive & ready to take on the WORLD!!  

As the ANOINTED Pace Sisters sang many years ago – – “When God is in the Building – the sin-sicked are healed!  When God is in the Building – that void is filled!!”  God fills our “buildings” with peace & love & joy that takes us through all areas of our lives!  Lifts us up when we are down & carries us through everything we encounter!!

When God is In The Building – – no matter WHAT we deal with – I declare & decree – – EVERYTHING will be alright!!  THANK YOU GOD!!